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Our Story

2008 was the year Kevin & Ann Schmid began their quest to create a private place to enjoy family and friends. They wanted to provide a safe family recreational atmosphere to entertain and escape the daily grind.
The Schmid's busy with 7 kids, businesses and today's high-speed pace, needed a private year-round Vacation & Hunting destination. Somewhere to satisfy their passion for the outdoors and shut out the rest of the world. A vacation destination that will allow you to slow down and get away from the crowds and enjoy nature. Having been on many travel ventures with our family. It seemed there was always crowds, lines, pollution and so many things that didn't allow you to relax and appreciate your loved ones.
Located in Wautoma, Wisconsin. Edenwood was carved out of Waushara counties beautiful diverse woodlands. The Schmid's created EDENWOOD a "Corner of paradise." A luxury sanctuary retreat. Designed to relax, recharge and unwind. 

The Schmid's vision to create a stress-free environment was realized in 2012. When Kevin and Ann walked out onto the deck having morning coffee. We looked out towards the lake and viewed Elk, Turkey, Whitetail & Fallow deer. We saw geese and ducks and to many birds to name. Eagles and Hawks sailing in the morning air. Our ears were filled with unfamiliar sounds of nature singing aloud.
We were so pleased with the joy Edenwood brings us that wanted to share. Edenwood is now opened to the public as a year-round premier vacation destination.
Edenwoods unique layout allows for both family and businesses to blend together. With 6 cabin styles, 32 beds, 16 private rooms and 13 bathrooms all nestled inside a gated square mile private retreat.
Edenwood has a wide variety of activities. Take a hike or bike our miles of nature trails. Challenge yourself with hunting, fishing or just enjoying the beach as you zip line into the water. We have endless opportunities that will keep everyone entertained. From our family to yours we invite you to come join us & let us share what we have created – we ensure that you will have the vacation of a lifetime!

Kevin & Ann Schmid

Edenwood Ranch Wautoma


Gone are the days of packing your own food in a cooler for your upcoming vacation. Forget the ice melting and finding its way into your food. Forget the space taken up by the gigantic cooler. Forget the bark in your hotdog from trying to grill it over the fire. Forget forgetting your cooking utensils. Edenwood Ranch & Preserve has you covered with your own personal cook.

ATV Tours, UTV and Mountain Bike Rentals

Rent one of our Mountain Bikes, or 2-seater or 4-seater UTV's for the day or book an ATV Tour and explore our beautiful forested Preserve within Central Wisconsin's Waushara County. 

Glamping  in Wisconsin

Glamorous camping, also known as glamping, is a unique outdoor experience for your entire family. Enjoy nature in the comfort of a luxurious tent without the hassle of setting up a tent or dealing with bugs. You'll find everything you need inside these rustic luxury tents in Wautoma, WI. 


Make your wedding extra special by having it here at Edenwood Ranch and Preserve! Our Ranch comes complete with all the amenities and lodging to accommodate your entire wedding party.

Relaxing Getaway

Relax and enjoy your time away from home.

Shooting and Archery Range

Hone in on your precision and accuracy with our rifle range and archery range. Shooting clays, gun and shells are available to reserve.