Gone are the days of packing your own food in a cooler for your upcoming vacation. Forget the ice melting and finding its way into your food. Forget the space taken up by the gigantic cooler. Forget the bark in your hotdog from trying to grill it over the fire. Forget forgetting your cooking utensils. Edenwood Ranch & Preserve has you covered with your own personal chef.

Luxury Meat Dining


Edenwood is the most exclusive hunting resort in the great state of Wisconsin. Surrounded by wilderness, you hunt your trophy game in a fair chase environment. 
  • Elk 
  • Fallow 
  • Whitetail 

Unlike at other hunting lodges, our clients never leave with horror stories about having to wait hours while other hunters shot to collect their trophy bull elk. Edenwood clients are treated well, never having to wait outrageous amounts of time for either game or meals. Service at Edenwood is always prompt, as business should be.

Luxury Fish Dinner


Catch your dinner from our private lake in a canoe provided by Edenwood! 
  • Bluegills 
  • Trout 
  • Bass 

Or hang out closer to shore and grab yourself some crawfish. Whatever suits your fancy. We just want you to know we have your needs met in case your tackle box didn't find its way into your luggage.

Luxury Dining Dish


Your personal chef is a dynamic force in the kitchen. He cooks whatever your taste buds desire. But this isn't your grandma's cooking--unless you request it--our chef adds his own personal style to each dish. 
Tell the chef what you're in the mood for and be amazed at what you get.
Make the chef aware of any allergies you may have, and he'll gladly accommodate your needs. He's very flexible with his culinary skills.

Wine and Cheese evening


You want to have your meal brought to you after a day full of exciting activities. Perfect. Let our food services coordinator know what you want and when to have it ready. Choose from a variety of options:
  • Beer/Wine/Spirits 
  • Wine & Cheese Tasting Tray 
No matter how you get your food, it will always be delicious from your personal chef. Made with your desires and health in mind, the chef makes your favorite foods with only the freshest ingredients, whenever you want. Breakfast during the day? Sure! Late night fire-side services? You betcha! Come to Edenwood Ranch & Preserve, where the whole group is welcome. We cater.